Discover Fawkes

Fawkes is a component-based Software Framework for Robotic Real-Time Applications for various Platforms and Domains.

Developed and used over ten years for cognitive robotics real-time applications like domestic service and industrial logistics robotics. It supports fast information exchange and efficient combination and coordination of different components to suit the needs of mobile robots operating in uncertain environments.

Please read the documentation how to start using and extending Fawkes.

The Fawkes Framework

Component-based Design

Fawkes employs a component-based approach for structuring and implementing the software and supports run-time loadable plugins to implement those.

Hybrid BlackBoard/Messaging Data Exchange

Information is shared within Fawkes by well-defined data groups via a blackboard. Commands are sent via messages. Support for event-based programming.

Multi-threaded and distributable

Fawkes has been optimized to exploit today's modern multi-core CPUs. It can be distributed running multiple instances on one or more machines.

Batteries included

Fawkes aims to provide the basic building blocks to get started quickly developing new robotic applications. An example is the Lua-based scripting environment to model behavior.

Used on various Platforms

Fawkes (or its components) has been used on a variety of platforms contributing to the success of several projects.