Fawkes 0.4 released

We have released Fawkes 0.4. Highlights of this release include blackboard logging and replay, system wide installation support, extended hardware support, several new plugins, numerous cleanups, fixes, and extensions across the software.

After one year of development and several RoboCup events to harden the system we are happy to release the next major release of Fawkes. Here is some info about the improvements compared to Fawkes 0.3:

System-wide installation
The build system has been extended to provide support for system-wide installation. With this Fawkes can be packaged for direct installation on Linux distributions. Packages for Fedora are work-in-progress.
Blackboard logging
Plugins and tools have been written to log data written to the blackboard, replay and view the logs. This is important to record test data and later work on this data.
Extended hardware support
New hardware has been made available. A special camera module provides access to the extended functionality of the AlliedVision Pike camera. The SwissRanger SR4000 can now be used as Firevision camera to access depth images. And finally the Hokuyo URG laser range finders can now be used with the laser plugin and the plugin can provide multiple laser sources at the same time.
Blackboard interface timestamps
Blackboard interfaces now have a modification timestamp which is set either automatically by the writer or to a user-supplied value. Interfaces can be queried if data has been modified since last read.
MSL2010 Refbox and SPL GameController 7 protocols
The refboxcomm plugin can now communicate with the MSL2010 refbox and with the SPL GameController v7.
World Info Broadcasting
The world model can now broadcast world information instead of multicasting, which in some situations is more reliably and a requirement for some RoboCup leagues.
XML-RPC plugin
A demonstration plugin to access Fawkes via XML-RPC has been added.
Line detection in laser data
For demonstration purposes a plugin has been added to detect straight lines in 2D laser data.
363 commits and various topic branches have been produced during this time by some nine developers (only counting the topic branches that have been merged before the release). Thanks to all who contributed!

Posted by Tim Niemueller on August 17, 2010 05:51

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