Fedora review request filed

Fawkes has been proposed for inclusion into Fedora.

A review request has been filed to include Fawkes in Fedora. This is a major step and the driving factor for the system wide installation support which was added in Fawkes 0.4.

Once the package is included in Fedora, it will provide its users with the ability to run Fawkes out-of-the-box and start developing quickly. It is also one of the corner stones for the planned Fedora Robotics LiveCD by the Fedora Robotics SIG. It is envisioned to contain a complete simulation environment based on Fawkes, Player, and Stage. A demo application will introduce newcomers step by step to robotics and the related software systems.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on November 1, 2010 20:45

Tags: fedora release


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