Fawkes 0.4.1 released

We have released Fawkes 0.4.1. This minor update includes manual pages for all console and GUI tools, supports configuration file creation in a user's home directory, enforces undefined symbols in all components and brings some fixes for smaller problems.

In the last few months some minor improvements have been made that we want to share with this release. In particular packaging Fawkes for Fedora shed light on some shortcomings.

Manual pages
All console and GUI tools now come with manual pages. They describe the available options more in-depth than the already existent usage instructions that you get when calling a tool with the "-h" parameter.
Configuration files in user home directories
Until now Fawkes expected a central configuration directory writable by everybody running Fawkes on the system. This is typical on real robots, but this can pose problems on multi-user systems, e.g. during development or using simulation environments. Now, the configuration can still be read from this directory, but information is stored in a .fawkes directory in the user's home directory.
Enforcing undefined symbols
On shared libraries and plugins undefined symbols were not enforced. This is the default behavior of the GNU linker. This can lead to plugins which cannot be loaded later. To uncover this kind of error earlier we now enforce all symbols.
This release contains some minor bug fixes and adjustements for the latest version of libmicrohttpd.
This released contains 35 new commits (overview).

Posted by Tim Niemueller on January 9, 2011 19:55

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