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RoboCup Logistics Software Stack Release 2015

RCLL 2015 Simulator Screenshot The Carologistics RoboCup Team has released their software stack of 2015 based on Fawkes for the RoboCup Logistics League. It is a continuation of the release last year. In particular, it features an improved simulation adapted to the new gameplay with physical processing machines introduced in 2015. It also contains most features of the upcoming Fawkes (core) release.

The following video shows the RoboCup 2015 finals between the Carologistics and Solidus. The released software stack is the one used by the Carologistics team, which won the competition.

The following video shows the software stack running in simulation with an explanation of its features. The simulation integration is an important part of the software release and has been a crucial factor in developing the software.

Details about the release and a video of the simulation are available on the RCLL software stack 2015 release page.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on February 22, 2016 13:39