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Added Fawkes screenshots

The screenshots show the most important GUI applications (though not all, will add more over time).

The config, plugin and netlog GUIs are the basic tools to configure a Fawkes instance on a robot, load and unload plugins, or view log messages produced by plugins respectively. All GUI applications make use of Zeroconf service discovery (using Avahi). It allows to conveniently present a list of robots on the local network and connect by a simple double click.

The SkillGUI is a tool to interact with the skill execution runtime. Skills are basic behaviors the robot can execute, like "goto to place x" or "grasp the cup". They are modeled using state machines which are shown for easy monitoring in real-time. The FireStation application uses the vision system for color training and visualization.

The webview plugin provides a web interface for Fawkes. It can be used to see the recent log messages, inspect the blackboard and manage the plugins.

The LaserGUI finally shows the raw data that the laser range finder gathered. In this case this is a rotating laser range finder (cf. RoboCup@Home wiki about Laser Range Finders). It produces a 15 scans per second with a resolution down to 0.5° between two consecutive beams. The beams can be visualized either by showing beams, or just the end points of the beams, or the hull. Each is useful for checking different problems or testing different applications. There is also a mode to visualize results of Masrur's leg tracker. Maybe we can put up a screenshot of this later.

Posted by Tim Niemueller on August 18, 2009 01:28