Fawkes Domain Release for the RoboCup Logistics League 2019

In the RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL), the goal is to maintain and optimize the material flow in a simplified Smart Factory scenario. Two competing teams of three robots each need to fulfill dynamically generated orders by assembling workpieces. To assemble such products, the robots operate and transport workpieces between Modular Production System stations (MPSs). Each team has an exclusive set of seven machines of five different types, where each type of machine is capable to do a different step of the production. The major challenges of the RCLL include navigation, perception and manipulation, as well as reasoning tasks such as planning, plan execution, and execution monitoring.

To foster the development of the RCLL as a whole and in the hope to serve as an example, the Carologistics RoboCup Team has released their full software stack used for winning the RCLL 2019. It is based on the Fawkes Robot Software Framework for which we just released version 1.3.0. While major parts have always been openly available, the release also includes all parts which they developed in private specific to this domain. The Carologistics provide this in one coherent and tested package that will reduce the effort required to get a full running robot for the RCLL tremendously.

The release includes:

We invite teams to take a look and adopt Fawkes as their software platform. All parts are Open Source software and the vast majority of components are developed in the public. We welcome contributions from anyone and hope to help newcomer teams to get a better start. We have recently switched to GitHub, where we publicly develop Fawkes, which makes collaboration even easier. We welcome pull requests and bug reports!

Should you make use of the software stack in part or full, please refer to the paper Winning the RoboCup Logistics League with Fast Navigation, Precise Manipulation, and Robust Goal Reasoning (Hofmann, Limpert, Mataré, Ferrein, Lakemeyer) published in the RoboCup Proceedings 2019.


The package is released under GPLv2 with a runtime exception. You can download it here: fawkes-robotino-2019.tar.gz.
Detailed instructions how to run our code base in the Gazebo simulation can be found in our wiki.