Robot Teams

Robot "Robotino"

Team: AllemaniACs

The Robotino is an educational robot platform by Festo Didactic. It is specifically geared for automation education.

At the Knowledge-based Systems Group the robot is employed for lab courses and as a companion robot for Caesar, the service robot. In the winter term 2011/2012 two students wrote several demonstration applications involving both robots. In the initial demo Caesar would detect the Robotino using a Kinect RGB-D sensor and then use the gained position information to follow the Robotino (which is controlled manually via a joystick). In a second step, a custom human detection was written to replace the joystick control by human body motion evaluation. A small game was created, where the Robotino has to be instructed by a human to drive along a specified virtual path. Caesar controls the game and watches the Robotino and verifies that it stays withing certain bounds along the path.