Robot Teams

Robot "HERB 2.0"

Team: CMU Personal Robotics Lab

HERB, the Home-Exploring Robot Butler, is a bi-manual mobile manipulator from the CMU Personal Robotics Lab and a research platform for Carnegie Mellon's Quality of Life Technology Research Center.

HERB is a platform that can operate synergistically with humans to perform tasks in the home and that is designed for developing the algorithms required for these tasks. HERB 2.0 is described in large detail in the paper "HERB 2.0: Lessons Learned from Developing a Mobile Manipulator for the Home".

During Intel Pittsburgh's 2010 open house, HERB greeted guests by demonstrating his abilities to pick up different bottles and cans, travel while avoiding obstacles, offer the object to someone and then put it back or in a recycle bin. The behavior for this demo was developed and performed using the Fawkes Behavior Engine, ported to ROS during an internship of Tim Niemueller at the Personal Robotics Lab in the summer 2010. It instructs and monitors the manipulation planning, perception, and motion components developed in the lab.